Customized Wood Turners Mentoring Program - Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville, Tennessee

All wood turning lessons are offered at Jerry’s home studio in Brentwood, Tennessee. Wood turning is a skill that when taught correctly should give the individual student near 100 percent focus and attention. Therefore, turning class size is limited to 2 students per session. All tools and materials will be provided, including a midi-lathe for your personal use. Classes are “hands on” so plan to get a little dirty.

Unlike most wood turning teachers, Jerry will custom tailor wood turning instruction that is designed to meet the individual objectives of each student. Prior to designing your turning class, Jerry will have a detailed consultative conversation with you regarding what you would like to gain from the experience and what path you would like to take as a wood turner. Specific recommendations will be made from there.

Whether you are a beginning wood turner that simply wants to gain the skills to get started, or a seasoned wood turner that desires to take your abilities to the next level, Jerry will design a wood turning class that is custom tailored specifically for you.

Beginning Wood turning – Potential Classroom Elements

• Lathe safety / setup • Where to find wood and how to prepare it for the lathe • Dry vs. green wood turning • Tool selection / sharpening and proper use of various tools • The cuts • Mounting techniques / chuck types • Basic design elements • Sanding and finishing

Potential beginner “hands on” projects could include a basic bowl, candlestick, weed pot, oil lamp, etc.

Intermediate Wood turning – Potential Classroom Elements

• Natural edge bowls • Turned boxes • Advanced design elements • Grain and feature orientation to achieve best results • Basic multi-axis turning • Basic texturing and coloring techniques • Workshop design and dust control

Advanced Wood turning – Potential Classroom Elements

• The artistic side of wood turning • How to turn a hollow vessel • Tool selection for hollow turning • Finding “your own voice” • Advanced texturing and coloring techniques • Marketing your artwork • Carving techniques / tools for wood turnings

Wood Turning Classes are booked in half day increments (8:00 am – 12:00 noon or 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm). Evening classes are a possibility upon request.


• $100 per half day • $175 per full day • $160 per day for 2 or more days

Contact me now to schedule. Students are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

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