People’s Choice Winner
Mesquite Burl
Apple Hollow Form
Bleached, Sandblasted Ash
Dyed and Burned Briar Burl Hollow Form
Dyed and Textured Maple with Natural Voids
Close Up of Textured Vessel Detail
Dyed Birch with Collar
Dyed Spalted Maple
Dyed Spalted Maple/ Padauck Hollow Form
Dyed Spalted Maple 2
Figured Ash Vessel
Fluted Walnut Vessel
Glad To Be Back
Maple Burl Vase
Mulberry Vessel
Plain Old Poplar
Pyrographed Sycamore Vessel
Pyrography Sycamore Vessel Detail
Spalted Beech Vessel
Spalted Hackberry Vase
Spiral Fluted Birch
Textured Spalted Beech
Detail of Texturing On Beech Vessel
Textured Walnut Vessel
Textured Walnut Vessel Detail
Two Headed Elm Detail
Two Headed Elm
Walnut vessel
Walnut Vessel Detail
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