Who is jerry prosise?

Originally from Texas, I have spent the majority of my life (and raised my four children) in the rolling hills of middle Tennessee.

I began my fascination with woodworking in general more than 30 years ago and became proficient in building simply designed furniture and utilitarian objects. Only within the last 10 years have I become addicted to artistic woodturning.

For me, creating my wood turned art is the great escape. When I stand at my lathe with a 50 pound hunk of freshly cut wood whirling around at great speed, I am able to transcend into a creative state that allows me to concentrate on nothing but the raw “canvas” that has been placed before me.

Although I do occasionally buy imported burled wood from various sources, most of my raw materials are rescued from the fire pit or the dump. My wood comes from building sites or trees that have been downed or damaged in storms. I would never harvest a living tree for my own purposes. I take great satisfaction in using the remnants of what was once a living majestic tree that may have been on this earth for hundreds of years and somehow paying homage to its life through my art.

My inspiration comes from objects that surround all of us in everyday life. I constantly evaluate texture, color, pattern, shape and form in the most obscure of items that most of us take for granted. I learn from these observations and create my art utilizing these valuable lessons.

All of the work that I create is one of a kind, although I may carry forward a central theme for a series of work. I am not a production wood turner of utilitarian objects by any means. I strive for complete harmony in grain, color, shape and texture. As you will see by viewing my portfolio, my work has evolved over the years and will continue to do so as my unique “voice” continues to take me in different directions.

I have been awarded two Tennessee Association of Woodturners educational scholarships and have had the privilege to study under some of the worlds most renowned artistic wood turners. I am a member of the Tennessee Association of Woodturners and the American Association of Woodturners. My work is displayed in Art galleries and I offer my services to demonstrate at local woodturning clubs and various organizations as well as private mentoring.